About us

In today’s technology-driven world, most of us would welcome an opportunity to relax and take a much-deserved rest from the busy lives that we lead. It is during this “Me” time that we engage in our favorite hobbies and get our creative juices flowing which in turn allows us to feel re-energized and ready to lead our frantic lives once again.

It is this very quest for balance that led us into establishing Craft Central UAE. Be it for paper crafts, stamping, baking or any other productive yet still leisurely pursuits – we aim to provide the most essential supplies from highly respected brands at the best affordable prices!

We have made this online store as beautiful, simple and informative as we possibly can in order to make your shopping experience truly worthwhile!

So indulge your creative instincts and work on starting, furthering or excelling in the craft that best suits you – find all the inspiration and supplies that you need at www.mycraftcentral.com !